29 March 2010

Creating the Future--Even in Difficult Times Part 3

Where is “Normal?” 

History is a reminder that periodically cultures, economies, and governments, for different reasons, cross a threshold. Once there they don’t go back. 

Is this one of those times? 

Current examples of restructuring: 

 • Financial services 

• Real estate and construction 

• Retail 

• Legal profession 

• Transportation 

• Media and Publishing 

• Healthcare 

• Jobs (Is 5% unemployment an old idea?) 

• The role of government in our lives 

 Learning to Ask the Right Questions 

Here are 6 questions to get you started: 

• What is your business? 

• What is it you can’t afford to lose? (The core) 

• What are you doing that needs to continue? 
• What are you doing that needs abandonment? 

• What are you not doing that needs initiating? 

• How do you make a profit? 


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